Anna & Johan continue to develop OR as a platform for projects of visual art, dance and performance in relation to digital technology. Here are some updates on what we do! Follow us on instagram @ongoingrealities for more currents.

Digital Innovationsfestival at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

On the 24th of March OR performed a site specific version of their piece "o n e - a choreographic installation and performance" at the Digital Innovationsfestival. They also casted their first VR art-experience made in 2020.
Dancing: Anna Näsström
On piano: Alexander Zethson
VR presentation: Johan Bandholtz
Artfilm in collaboration with Tanne Willow and dancers Bianca Traum and Yared Tilahun Cederlund. Costume design Demeanour designs.
VR animations: Emal Ghouse
VR programming: Vincent Wong


Tempo Dokumentär Festival

The 6th of March we opened Tempo documentary festival at Rival Stockholm. Ongoing Realities performed a piece from the new process of their upcoming performance [e s c] and merged it with the theme of this years Festival. The evolvement of the camera and mirrorings of your digital self was amongst the focus connected to this years display of documentaries. See and hear more about it on this video captured by Getcinemedia.

[e s c]

OR's latest production "[e s c]" will be created during 2022-2023 with a premiere on June 16, 2023 at the SITE/Specific Festival in Farsta.

"[e s c] is a choreographic investigation of escapism and "escape from reality", and how algorithms are involved in these (counter)movements. During the spring, OR will invite you to micro-installations around Stockholm where the parts eventually form a whole, with a premiere in June.

The production is created with the support of The Swedish Arts Council's restart support and with support from the City of Stockholm.

During the spring of 2023, Anna and Johan are spending time also in Moskosel, Norrbotten to develop a new digital artwork for the itinerant art gallery iM Konsthall. A residency via Moskosel creative lab and Northern sustainable futures, with support from the Cultural Council and Arvidsjaur municipality.

On the 10th of November we join Dansmässan 2022 for a showing of our piece "what comes through" on stage and also you can meet and talk to us at Mässtorget the same day! We're excited and hope to see you at Dansens Hus!

On Friday 11/11, we will be guests at "Brain Day", which is organized by Forskning & Framsteg and Modern Psychology. A full day about the brain at the Oscar Theater in Stockholm and we look forward to sharing a duet from "what comes through" together with Alexander Zethson on synthesizers.

"Two bodies meet and investigate, create and surrender a series of memories through choreography and digital techniques. What has been forgotten and re-emerged between them, and what actions are conscious? A choreography is more than just a motor scheme, the dancer's different memories affect the movement which itself is in constant change. They stage, test and flow between different temporalities and remember differently between the two. Old experiences become new and embodied before the spectators who experience a close exploration and watch a memory take shape, which they themselves are a part of."

"o n e" - a choreographic installation and performance

LIVE @ Stockholm Fringe Festival

We are excited to have had a Stockholm premier of our installation/performance "o n e" at The Stockholm Fringe Festival on the 17th of September @ Telefonfabriken! We also digitally premiered our Art Film at ArenaSTOFF. We are thrilled and honored to have won the "Excellence in performance" Award by the Fringe jury! <3

Participating artists: Alex Zethson, Rosanna Gunnarsson, Alexander Dam, Anna Näsström, Johan Bandholtz. Art Film in collaboration with videoartist Tanne Willow.

o n e

An Ongoing Realities Art Film in collaboration with Tanne Willow

ONE - Poster

Ongoing Realities 


In September OR joins the Swedish Pavillion together with 7 other eminent Swedish acts & artists as part of this years Tanzmesse Festival. You will see an excerpt of our piece what comes through at Kunstpalast, close to the NRW Forum twice. We look forward to meet for talks, a fika, getting to know each other and maybe future collaborations!

"Determined yet tired, humoristic yet dark, visionary yet dystopian - the performance what comes through collects fragments, seeks contact and passes by. It's as much yours as it is ours together and through a setting of voluntary interactivity it is an intimate exploration of movement, sound, vision, objects and space. Movement travels through, and is made up by, different digital and analogue mediums that together form more or less consistent stories that are ongoing, multiple and enclosing."

Hello world

what comes through -


"Determined yet tired, humoristic yet dark, visionary yet dystopian - the performance what comes through collects fragments, seeks contact and passes by. It's as much yours as it is ours together and through a setting of voluntary interactivity it is an intimate exploration of movement, sound, vision, objects and space. Movement travels through, and is made up by, different digital and analogue mediums that together form more or less consistent stories that are ongoing, multiple and enclosing"

what comes through is a new piece by Ongoing Realities (OR) and it is an intimate meeting between dance, architechture, physical materials and the audience. OR is inspiried by exhibition as format as it allows for the audience to choose their trajectory when experiencing art. It was developed during the spring 2022 and is currently looking to premier later this year. It is a traveling performance concept that transforms places into immersive rooms with components such as live dance, tactile sound design, 3D-printed paperwork making up our scenography, VR, AR and projections.

In the link below, you can stream a work in process of the piece and hear us speak on our artistic trajectory and upcoming work!

In june Anna and Johan were invited to Scenkonstbiennalen 2022 for a paneldiscussion on "New work for a new reality?" organised by ArenaSTOFF.

New works for a new reality? Arena STOFF invites you to a conversation to discuss the possibilities and resistance to digitized performing arts during and beyond the pandemic. Panel:

Alice Bulukin (Kreatörskollektivet Konstjord)
Anna Näsström & Johan Bandholtz (Ongoing Realities)
Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson (Riksteatern)
Charlotte Prag (Kulturhuset Stadsteatern)
Emelie Johansson (SITE - Production Centre for Performing Arts)
Petra Huisman (Inkonst
Shaya Khalil (Artist)

Emma Bexell (Bombina Bombast)

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We partake in the EU project "Digital Leap" to learn more about digital technology and performing arts.. What’s next in the digital world for example? How can we distribute our art in a sustainable way or how can we further engage in audience participation? We will join modules 1-4 in Prague, Vilnius, Terrassa and Marseilles.

"In this module the participants will learn to understand XR and streaming technology, and how to adapt their work to these platforms. We aim to get inspired by the possibilities of these technologies as well as look into future developments in these areas. The focus of the module will be on future insights, how to use these technologies and connect to them and share experiences."

Thank you to Danscentrum Sverige and all participating organisations! 

Residency showing at Riksteatern 18th of May 2022


As part of a production residency at Riksteatern for the piece what comes through, Ongoing realities will host a work in progress showing on the 18th of May. We will show an excerpt from the performance with a moderated talk afterwards.

Where: Theatre/Stage 3 at Riksteatern in Hallunda.

Time: 14.00-15.00.



Vi bjuder in er till en visning av Ongoing realities arbete med produktionen what comes through på Riksteatern den 18 Maj.

I höstas hade vi en premiär för en platsspecifik föreställning på Konstmuseet i Skövde. Där blandades live-dans med digitala animationer, ljud-installation, en VR-installation och ett videoverk. Nu tar vi en scen i anspråk och inkorporerar bland annat 3D-printad scenografi. Med en utgångspunkt i det pågående, närvarande och mångfaldiga har materialet, som präglas av svärta och humor, växt fram genom ett utforskande av dansarnas olika rörelsepraktiker. Även arkitekturen och konsten i Konstmuseet i Skövde och den emotionella processen under tiden i Konstmuseet har påverkat föreställningens utformning. Vi bjudernu in till en work in progress-visning med efterföljande samtal.

Var: Teater 3 på Riksteatern i Hallunda

När: Kl14-15 den 18.e maj. Välkomna!

New period of creative development and a production residency at Riksteatern, Stockholm in 2022

We are happy to announce that we have received support from The Swedish Arts Council for another period of development in the spring 2022 where we will continue our work with live-dance, digitalisation and working with video. 

In April/May we will be at Riksteatern in Hallunda for three weeks to make a stage performance based on a previous site specific work. Looking forward to this! Follow instagram @ongoingrealities for updates !


Panel talk organised by the University of Skövde and The Swedish National Touring Theatre (West)

Our premier happened during the event "Teknologi och skapande" hosted by the University of Skövde, The Swedish National Touring Company and The Art Museum in Skövde and guests were invited from different parts of the field. Johan Bandholtz joined this panel discussion on accessability, sustainability and technological development. In the panel: Johan Bandholtz, danceartist, Jenny Brusk, responsible for sustainability at  Science Park in Skövde, Lissa Holloway-Attaway, leader for G/A/M/E lab at Högskolan in Skövde. In conversation with Susan Kozel and the audience.


RAUCOUS Reflectory - a digital space for international collaboration

In the summer of 2020 we both were invited to participate in the "Raucous reflectory" 1 & 3, discussing creative cooperations and reliance on technology amongst other things. Thank you all again for interesting conversations and thank you and for Skövde Högskola and Art museum in Skövde for the nomination! Raucous on the reflectories: "With the pandemic heralding the dawn of what is fast becoming the Zoom age of interaction, what does this scramble to the digital mean for international collaboration between artists and technologists?" For the Reflectories we are working with colleague organisations who have each nominated artists to participate in the discussion. These organisations are: Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto. Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto. Banff Centre of Creativity & the Arts, Banff. Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. University of Skövde, Skövde. Folkteatern (People's Theatre), Gothenburg. Arts Museum, Skövde.


Anna & Johan also have experience in hosting workshops, talks and participating sessions for interested and curious people in different local cities, companies or youth & schools. These workshops center around artistic work with digital technology, dance, art to name a few enters. What can the need for art or dance be, or give? Local meetings, dancing sessions and discussions we enjoy!