what comes through

A performance piece that can be set in multiple rooms or a stagesetting

stagesetting TRAILER

"Determined yet tired, humoristic yet dark, visionary yet dystopian - the performance what comes through collects fragments, seeks contact and passes by. It's as much yours as it is ours together and through a setting of voluntary interactivity it is an intimate exploration of movement, sound, vision, objects and space. Movement travels through, and is made up by, different digital and analogue mediums that together form more or less consistent stories that are ongoing, multiple and enclosing"

In the link below, you can stream a work in process of the piece and hear us speak on our artistic trajectory and upcoming work! Contact us to know more and for bookings!

what comes through is a new piece by Ongoing Realities (OR) and it is an intimate meeting between dance, architechture, physical materials and the audience. OR is inspiried by exhibition as format as it allows for the audience to choose their trajectory when experiencing art. It was developed during the spring 2022 at Riksteatern in Stockholm and is currently looking to premier later this year. It is a traveling performance concept that transforms places into immersive rooms with components such as live dance, tactile sound design, 3D-printed paper creations making up our scenography, VR, AR and projections.

Tactile sound design and projections in an intimate meeting with four dancers

The components make up the space together and we want to create a meeting where each part has a significane in relation to the whole but also as something that tells a story in itself. Whether it is live dance, digitalised movement, the soundscape, the scenography or the changing of your seat and view, and thus the connection to yourself via what comes through.

3D printed paper - scenographycreations

OR works together with the innovative company Reboard technology AB and the designer and architect Maximilian Hansen for their scenography. Made out of hard pressed paper printed it can also be recycled up to 6 times and made anew. The collaboration started in the spring of 2022 and has given an extra edge to the circular process of working interdiciplinary and allowing the material to add to the artistic outcome. Make sure to check out some more of their work and our collaboration on instagram @nordwerkdesign , @reboard_tech & @ongoingrealities .

what comes through - multiple rooms

multiple rooms TRAILER

For our performances we offer larger or smaller versions of our current piece what comes through which can be set in venues with multiple rooms or as a performance in a stage setting. This trailer is for multiple rooms.

The what comes through for multiple rooms premier was set in Skövde Konstmuseum in 2021. The audience could enjoy two floors of curated art together with four dancers, animated art pieces projected in the space, a VR-installation and a soundscape that guided the audience. For this type of setting the audience is invited to move around at the venue, like in an exhibition, choose what to experience and thus be co-choreographing their own performance. The piece has a flexible structure and can be altered to become one with the room(s) we play in whether it is a museum, library, industrial architecture, apartment rooms or where else you or we can imagine. Feel free to contact us with questions or for bookings!

Photographer: Hugo Anderson