The performances

Ongoing Realities (OR) offers several performances for stage / black box as well as site-specific concepts. Here are some links to the various performances we offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch with questions or booking requests.

On August 30 at 20.00 and on August 31st 20.30 we play [ e s c ] at "Teater tre" at Södermalm during our favorite festival, Stockholm Fringe festival! The performance [e s c] explores escapism and where the logic of algorithms and social media inspired the choreographic investigation. You can find more information on the [e s c] button. During the festival week, we also have an exhibition at the "Freyja" venue where we show animated choreography that we developed in collaboration with the animator Dr Formalyst.

Our work is multi-disciplinary together with a team of dancers, animators, music artists and designers with competence in Motion Capture, digital animation, Virtual Reality and lately also Augumented Reality. We are interested in simultaneity, multitudes and the latent creativity in processes of collaborative work. We offer performance concepts adaptable for different sites, stages, art museums and public spaces. For larger venues we utilise an exhibition format where the audience is invited to co-create their own trajectory of the piece as they walk around and choose what to watch. For stage performances we explore how we can place the audience to offer a more immersive experience. The structure includes live-performance, digitalised art works projected in the space or experienced in Virtual Reality with the aim of exploring how the material travels through different mediums. Simultaneity, presence and multitude accompany the process and the performance seeks to engage and offer various ways of optional interactivity.

OR seeks to establish a relationship in relation to the architecture and the rooms where we work. We create material connecting to textures, shapes and forms found in the room(s) and environment where we work. In our work with dance we utilize the dancer´s emodied memories of movement patterns and emotions connected to these. In close collaboration with a 2D – and 3D-designer OR explores the process of creating digital choreographic experiences where the outcome circles back as an element for our live performances. Our interdisciplinary work creates a curious and investigative practice that researches what happens as a material is translated from medium to another.  

Simultaneity | Presence | Ongoing

Simultaneity, presence and ongoing are words that follow our process in every aspect. As we are interested in the collaboration between performers and audience, we continuously explore ways of presenting our work which currently includes exploring "exhibition" as a choreographic practice as well as how to curate immersive experiences with optional ways of interactivity. Nonetheless, our performance can also be adapted for a theatre. OR is a travelling concept adaptable to different venues and utilises a combination of live-performance, digitalised art works and an immersive sound experience.

Part of our digital art pieces. Concept and choreography: Johan Bandholtz and Anna Näsström. Animation by Emal Ghouse. Sound design by Rossanna Gunnarsson and Alexander Zethson.