ongoing realities

A performance, project and beginning of a platform

Ongoing realities (OR) is an explorative choreographic project investigating the relationship and creative possibilities when merging dance and choreography with various digital technologies. OR is led by choreographers Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz and they produce performances for stage and site specific places. OR is researching visual- and sound based digital technology and site specific landscapes as choreographic tools and how we communicate in/with/because of them. The work is interdisciplinary together with a team of dancers, animators, music artists and designers with competence in Motion Capture, digital animation, Virtual Reality and lately also Augumented Reality. OR is interested in simultaneity, multitudes and the latent creativity in processes of collaborative work.

OR offers performance concepts adaptable for different sites, stages, art museums and public spaces. For larger venues we utilise an exhibition format where the audience is invited to co-create their own trajectory of the piece as they walk around and choose what to watch. For stage performances we explore how we can place the audience to offer a more immersive experience. The structure includes live-performance, digitalised art work projected in the space or experienced in Virtual Reality with the aim of exploring how the material travels through different mediums. Simultaneity, presence and multitude accompany the process and the performance seeks to engage and offer various ways of optional interactivity.

" En helhetsupplevelse i fysiska och digitala rum. De konstnärliga möjligheterna med virtual reality är nästintill oändliga. Det menar Anna Näsström och Jo Bandholtz som denna helg förvandlar Skövde konstmuseum till en scen för både fysisk och digital dans i samspel med omgivande konst, nyskriven musik och taktil ljuddesign. Verket tar hela två våningar i anspråk, och fortsätter in i ett digitalt rum där samma miljö har omskapats på ett nytt sätt. Under en timme får vi utforska denna konstnärliga verklighet i egen takt. Vandra runt, sitta en stund, ta på oss VR-glasögon och förundras. För skaparna av Ongoing realities är verket starten på ett långsiktigt arbete med VR som koreografiskt verktyg. Med nya idéer och tekniker vill de skapa danskonst som sträcker sig långt utanför det traditionella scenrummet. "

- Rikstearen Väst

"In an epic undertaking the performers aesthetically changed the museum space by incorporating animation, digital movement and video footage which all complimented the permeant works of art already exhibited. Every single movement impersonated the thoughtfully selected space - it was almost as if the room and the art were coming to life! "

- Cecily Ferguson, curator & creative collaborator Konstmuseet in Skövde