Technology and artistic creation

We offer workshops, courses and consulting in working with different types of technologies in collaboration with artistic work and performing arts. During the spring of 2023, we have several courses and workshops, including in collaboration with the organizations Intercult, Smart coop and Transit.

How can technologies such as VR, Motion Capture and animation be used in creative, artistic or interdisciplinary projects? We discuss this together with the participants at the workshops/courses we hold. With both historical and contemporary examples, we reflect on the technology's possibilities and limitations, test VR, and with guidance and feedback, the participants get to formulate their own ideas with the technology as a co-player.

Quote from participant at the course / workshops:

"The course was both inspiring and thought-provoking. The fact that you are so articulate and pleasant is also a huge plus!”

"Sparked many exciting thoughts and discussions. Feeling full of ideas on how I can integrate and explore XR technology in my artistry”

Quote from booker Agnes Török, Transit Kulturinkubator

"With their knowledge, their breadth and their unique approach in using technology as part of the artistic process as well as the finished product, Ongoing Realities provided important perspectives and tips. Anna and Johan were educative, inspiring, prepared and communicative - professionals to work with and a joy for our participants."

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