exploring artistic work


digital technology, dance



We have experience in hosting workshops, talks and participatory sessions for interested and curious people in different local cities, for companies or with youth in schools. These workshops centre around artistic work with digital technology, dance, art to name a few. Together we discuss what dance is or could be and the relationship with "modern" technologies. We offer a fun and safe space to explore and discuss!

About the workshops:

The workshops are around 1-2h depending on the content and context. We offer lecture on work with VR, AR and MoCap as choreographers and dancers. For the specific audience, we cater the content, and love meeting different ranges of interested people with no experience - to more experienced. Within this concept we also offer dance/movement classes for dancers or people without dance experience, Q&A:s or talks on subjects regarding art, dance, performance, digital technology and politics of normativity for example. 

About us:

Johan Bandholtz has a background in psychology, a masters in gender politics besides his bachelor in fine arts. He has lectured at The Nobel Prize Museum and has been invited to various panels and discussions because of his broad background and knowledge within dance and academia. Anna Näsström has besides bachelorstudies in dance performance and fine arts also studied social anthropology and political science at The Stockholm University. She has a twelve years long background in teaching dance inter/nationally, and mentors dancers at educations like Balettakademin and Danscenter, has produced events, balls and training sessions for communitybased activity in Stockholm and Malmö amongst places.

For these OR workshops we share and facilitate space for learning within these subjects and experiences and create a fun, safe space for exploration! To know more and book us, send us an email with an inquiry and we´ll arrange something that fits your needs!

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