Panel talks and lectures

OR participates in panel talks in different scenarios, arranges talks or Q&A:s and give lectures. Reach out to know more or for bookings and inquiries! Below you can see some of the scenarios Johan and Anna were invited to speak on their experience working with performing arts and digital technology amongst other subjects.


Robin Johnsson

Nanna Gunnars (Huldufuglor)

Paul Löwen-Åberg (Teknisk koordinator Techformance)

J. Rosenbaum - VIA ZOOM 

Helen Riise & Josefin Holmström (Bridging Digital by INTERCULT)

Martin Edström & Fredrik Edström (IVAR Studios) Carmel Clavin

Anna Näsström & Johan Bandholtz (Ongoing Realities)

Fransesca Quartey

Jesper Wallerborg (Futuregames)

Charlie Prag (Kulturhuset Stadsteatern)

Mixed Reality & Live Arts Lab

OR was invited to participate in a panel talk and pitching session during this years Fringe Festival where the Mixed Reality & live arts lab was a full day of guests, invites and audience interested in the intersections of these themes.


Technology always seeks the solutions to a problem, while art is constantly asking new questions. We invite you as a performer, you as a developer of technology and you who already are somewhere in between to meet up, show and talk about what happens when the performing arts meet digital technologies. What has been done? What do we want to do? What is possible? What would we like to avoid?

This event is produced in collaboration betweeen Arena STOFF, Kulturhuset
Stadsteatern and WOMU.

In june Anna and Johan were invited to Scenkonstbiennalen 2022 in Västerås for a paneldiscussion on "New work for a new reality?" organised by ArenaSTOFF.

Nya verk för en ny verklighet? Arena STOFF bjuder in till ett samtal för att diskutera möjligheterna och motståndet till digitaliserad scenkonst under och bortom pandemin. Tillsammans med en bred panel av Noobs, Pros and Hackers trendspanar vi kring framtidens genreutveckling, nya virtuella spelplatser, den globala publiken samt behandlar akut digital scenskräck. Presenteras med stöd av Kulturrådet, Kulturförvaltningen Region Stockholm och Kultur Stockholms stad.
Arena Stoff och Stockholm Fringe Festival produceras av HOP.

En del av Transit Kulturinkubator - tid, råd och rum för konstnärliga verksamheter & Nordic Fringe Network - NFN #ongoingrealities #scenkonstbiennalen2022 #panelsamtal#digitalframtid #scenkonst #johanbandholtz #annanäsström#arena #stoff #stoffholm #stockholmfringe #festival@johanbandholtz @annanasdroem @ongoingrealities

Alice Bulukin (Kreatörskollektivet Konstjord)
Anna Näsström & Johan Bandholtz (Ongoing Realities)
Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson (Riksteatern)
Charlotte Prag (Kulturhuset Stadsteatern)
Emelie Johansson (SITE - Production Centre for Performing Arts)
Petra Huisman (Inkonst)
Shaya Khalil (Artist)

Emma Bexell (Bombina Bombast)

Panel talk organised by the University of Skövde and The Swedish National Touring Theatre (West)

Our premier happened during the event "Teknologi och skapande" hosted by the University of Skövde, The Swedish National Touring Company and The Art Museum in Skövde and guests were invited from different parts of the field. Johan Bandholtz joined this panel discussion on accessability, sustainability and technological development. In the panel: Johan Bandholtz, danceartist, Jenny Brusk, responsible for sustainability at  Science Park in Skövde, Lissa Holloway-Attaway, leader for G/A/M/E lab at Högskolan in Skövde. In conversation with Susan Kozel and the audience.

RAUCOUS Reflectory - a digital space for international collaboration

In the summer of 2020 we both were invited to participate in the "Raucous reflectory" 1 & 3, discussing creative cooperations and reliance on technology amongst other things. Thank you all again for interesting conversations and thank you and for Skövde Högskola and Art museum in Skövde for the nomination! Raucous on the reflectories: "With the pandemic heralding the dawn of what is fast becoming the Zoom age of interaction, what does this scramble to the digital mean for international collaboration between artists and technologists?" For the Reflectories we are working with colleague organisations who have each nominated artists to participate in the discussion. These organisations are: Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto. Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto. Banff Centre of Creativity & the Arts, Banff. Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. University of Skövde, Skövde. Folkteatern (People's Theatre), Gothenburg. Arts Museum, Skövde.